Bienvenue sur le dépôt public Git de Tamil. Welcome to the Tamil public Git repository. To clone a project, or track it as a remote branch, Koha project for example, type one of those commands:

git clone git://
git remote git://

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Project Description Owner Last Change
AnyEvent-Processor AnyEvent::Processor module Tamil s.a.r.l. 2 years ago
EPub-Repo EPub ebooks management module Tamil s.a.r.l. 6 years ago
Koha-Contrib-Mirabel Koha-Contrib-Mirabel repo Tamil s.a.r.l. 7 days ago
Koha-Contrib-Tamil Koha-Contrib-Tamil repository Tamil s.a.r.l. 8 days ago
MooseX-RW Moose::Role reader/writer Tamil s.a.r.l. 3 years ago
Tarc Open Source EAD Finding Aids... Tamil s.a.r.l. 2 years ago
cmarc C++ MARC records library Tamil s.a.r.l. 5 years ago
coce Cover images URLs cache Tamil s.a.r.l. 17 months ago
jquery-koha-flipster Unnamed repository; edit this... Tamil s.a.r.l. 23 months ago
jquery.gbdynamiclinks jQuery plugin to fetch Google... Tamil s.a.r.l. 5 years ago
koha Koha mirror repository Tamil s.a.r.l. 13 hours ago
koha-release-tools Koha release tools Tamil s.a.r.l. 22 months ago
kohadocs Koha Documentation Tamil s.a.r.l. 8 weeks ago
kskos Chargeur thesaurus SKOS dans... Tamil s.a.r.l. 5 years ago
marc-moose Perl Marc library Tamil s.a.r.l. 5 hours ago
marcjs Node.js module for manipulatin... Tamil s.a.r.l. 20 months ago
marcpm MARCPM mirror repository Tamil s.a.r.l. 7 years ago
portor Portor framework Tamil s.a.r.l. 4 years ago
sudoc Chargeur SUDOC Koha Tamil s.a.r.l. 2 months ago
tod Tamil Discovery Tool Tamil s.a.r.l. 5 years ago
vufind VuFind2 Tamil s.a.r.l. 3 years ago